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A legal case to contest the decision to extend Whitemoss hazardous waste landfill has been started by a resident, who is appealing the Judicial Review judgement.

The local resident needs £16,800 to cover legal fees and is applying for legal aid.  If legal aid is granted, the Legal Aid Agency will expect the local community to provide 65% of the funding. Donations are urgently needed.

How much should I give?

£50 or £100 or more is a small investment to prevent a lifetime toxic landfill being put near houses, schools and playing fields. But whatever you can afford would be much appreciated.

Who is bringing the case?

A local resident is bringing the case on behalf of the community, with the help and support of other residents. The case is not being brought by Arrow–No Whitemoss Landfill.

Many thanks for your support.
Del Ellis, Joanne Taylor, Janet Williams, Joanne Homson, Diane Roberts, Lynda Hegarty, Claire Robinson and Nicola Escott on behalf of Arrow–No Whitemoss Landfill

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