Fancy 3 million tonnes of toxic waste on your doorstep?

What’s the problem with Whitemoss hazardous waste site?

  • Toxic dust and gases escape from landfill sites
  • Skelmersdale is downwind of Whitemoss
  • Most of Skelmersdale and much of Bickerstaffe, Lathom South and Upholland are within 3 km of Whitemoss. Studies on other hazardous waste sites have found ill health impacts in people living within the 3 km ‘danger zone’
  • Scientific studies have found that families living near hazardous waste sites have an increased risk of birth defects, low birth weight, and respiratory disease
  • People could spend their entire lives being exposed to Whitemoss.

Support the legal case against Whitemoss

Please support the legal case against Whitemoss hazardous waste landfill by making a donation.

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